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Travel document requirements can be confusing. Understanding the requirements, and then knowing how to obtain the documents, is key to trip planning for tourists and business travelers alike. If you’re leaving the country, an array of travel document options is available to you depending on your destination and the duration of your trip. You’ll want to be well informed on the travel documents requirements to ensure a smooth trip. Once you know what’s needed, visit to acquire any vital record documents (including birth certificates) which you may need for your vacation or work travels.

We’ll keep you informed on a variety of travel-related topics including Real ID (what is it, how does it affect travelers, etc.), as well as what documents may be needed for different travel purposes such as tourism and work. Think of us as your essential information source regarding tourist information and necessary travel documentation. Whether it’s a quick vacation across the border, or an international business trip overseas, let us help inform you on one of the key facets of your journey.

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Everything you need to know about international travel documents, all in one place. No more clicking on countless tourist information and traveler websites to piece together every part of your trip. We'll tell you what you need, and where to get it.

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We're here to keep you informed on what type of travel documents you may need to enter and exit the countries on your trip. As technology and regulations change, so will the requirements for official documents necessary for both domestic and international travel. Make Official Travel Documents your first stop to learn what you need to get you where you're going.

Real ID

We'll inform you on the latest progress and development of the implementation of the Real ID Act. Learn what it is, how it affects you, and what it means for the future of international and domestic travel.

Get Organized Before You Travel!

Vital record documents (such as certified birth certificates, marriage records and divorce records) are a key piece of your trip planning puzzle – especially when obtaining or renewing your U.S. Passport. VitalChek is an official, authorized online ordering service for the government agencies issuing vital record documents across the nation, with secure, convenient, fast and easy ordering. In most cases, you can typically receive your vital record documents within about a week using VitalChek. What are you waiting for? Get your travel documents in order today!

American Passport Strength

America has the strongest passport, with access to 147 countries worldwide.

Americans love to travel

In 2015, 15,556,216 U.S. Passports were issued. That number includes 1,647,413 passport cards.

Your Passport Photo Matters

What you wear for your passport photo can actually result in your passport being turned down for processing. Remember – no uniforms, keep a neutral face, directly face the camera, and make sure it reflects your current appearance.

The U.S. Is a Worldwide Travel Hub

One third of the world's airports are located in the United States.

A Lot of Parts to Make an Airplane

There are over 6 million parts included in a Boeing 747.

Visa Free Travel Options

There are curently 99 countries that Americans can travel to without a visa.