Expedited passport application

How to Get an Expedited Passport

In September 19, 2017

Nothing about going on vacation should be stressful. However, that is rarely the case. There are also many times where a trip or emergency travel comes up and you need to make your plans happen fast. So what do you do if you need a passport fast? Regular passport processing takes 4-6 weeks or longer. Fortunately, there are quicker passport processing options!

How does expedited passport processing work?

Expedited services come in many options. You can expedite for 2-3 week service at your post office or county clerk. You can also expedite at a Regional Passport Agency if you live near one and can get an appointment with five days of your international travel. Finally, there are Registered Passport Courier Services, or commonly known as expedited services. Expedited services are private companies registered with the US Department of State. These are private companies authorized to submit your passport application for you.

The process is largely the same as routine passport processing, but you will send in the necessary information to the expedited service provider of your choice and they will hand deliver your passport to the Passport Agency for immediate processing.

How do I know who I can trust?

There are several options for these services but that does not mean all of them are to be trusted. The best way to ensure you are getting legitimate services is to do your research! Reputation is important for expedited passport companies.

Things to look for in an expedited private service

Research reviews on the company you are considering. Some of the best companies have been around for a decade or more. Check them out on Facebook and Trustpilot to ensure their reputation is trustworthy.

Ultimately, you have options to get your passport fast. Thousands of travelers expedite their passport applications every day. If you have upcoming travel plans or a sudden emergency and a passport is needed, you can get your passport processed as quickly as one business day if necessary. Make sure you follow the passport application process exactly as required for your passport type. Any mistakes or missing documents will delay your passport processing.

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