REAL ID January Update from US Department of Homeland Security

In January 8, 2018

Earlier today, January 8 2018, the US Department of Homeland Security released their REAL ID January 2018 update. Here’s what you need to know, taken directly from the notification.

As you can see from the DHS REAL ID map posted at, there are now 26 states that have been granted extensions.  Two territories are still under review for either an extension (CNMI and American Samoa) and are under the grace period that ends on January 22, 2018. DHS is doing everything it can to expedite the review of these remaining states and territories.

As you likely know, on January 22, 2018, TSA begins REAL ID enforcement for passengers boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft.  For states and territories that are already compliant or noncompliant but received an extension for 2018, their residents can use their existing state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards, even though those IDs might not, within themselves be REAL ID compliant.

If you are visiting the DHS REAL ID website for the first time in a while, you should notice that we reorganized the site to focus on our three primary types of stakeholders: public, state and federal. We encourage you to visit the site at You will find helpful information about your states current compliance status and other various topics involving REAL ID.

In addition, we address the most pressing topics in our Frequently Asked Questions and provided focused FAQs for the public, state and federal pages.  The FAQs are reviewed and updated periodically to address the most requested information topics.

You can read more and check for updates on the US Department of Homeland Security’s website and we will also post any subsequent updates here as they become available.

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