North Carolina REAL ID

North Carolina REAL ID

In February 11, 2019

Like many other states, North Carolina will begin enforcing the new REAL ID Act beginning October 1, 2020. The North Carolina REAL ID will give residents access to federal buildings, military installations, nuclear sites, and TSA security check points. For residents who do not wish to update their ID to follow the REAL ID guidelines, they will have to reach out to TSA or corresponding federal or military personnel, to inquire about the additional identification required for access.

NC residents can visit their local DMV to change their driver’s license to be REAL ID compliant at any time. Residents renewing their IDs can expect a charge of $5 for the new card while first timers or those obtaining duplicates can purchase the new card for $13.

Learn more about the upcoming changes here. You can also find general information about NC’s REAL ID program at the official DMV’s website. Don’t forget to check out Official Travel Documents for the latest in all REAL ID news.

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