REAL ID PA Updates

In March 4, 2019

A backlog of nearly 30,000 unprocessed PennDOT applications for the REAL ID PA cards, is raising concerns for applicants trying to obtain their new card before the deadline of October 1, 2020. Few have reported waiting weeks, some even months to receive their new ID cards. It is estimated that approximately just 300,000 of the expected 2.5 million applicants have started the process of being verified for their REAL ID. As of last week, nearly 160,000 Pennsylvanians have been pre-verified — a process to submit required documents whether online or in person.

The article points out that, “Real ID is optional for Pennsylvania residents but a federal law requires a passport, military identification or a Real ID card to fly domestically or enter a military base or federal building starting Oct. 1, 2020. The identifications come in the form of a new driver’s license or photo identification card.”

Because of new regulations with regards to domestic air travel, entering federal buildings and military bases, it is important to be sure that you have the right identification for the situation at hand. Don’t wait for the last minute. Send your application in sooner rather than later, as longer processing times may occur. Read the full story here and stay tuned for more updates from Official Travel Documents.

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