NC Identity Fraud

Changes Coming to Prevent NC Identity Fraud

In March 13, 2019

As of February 25th, a new State-to-State Electronic Verification System, will provide NC residents the extra protection they need against identity fraud. The updated system will notify the NCDMV of those who carry a driver’s license in more than one state. The system will be able to confirm a person’s identity as well as historical driving records.

“The service, which is outlined in the federal REAL ID Act, requires a person to have only one driver license or ID card in one state at a time… With State-to-State, NCDMV can determine if applicants already hold a driver license or ID card in another state and verify important driving information such as suspended licenses. After a North Carolina driver license or ID card is issued, any out-of-state issuances will be canceled. If an applicant does not want to cancel the out-of-state issuance, they will not be issued a North Carolina driver license or ID card.”

NC driver licenses will be examined for duplicate issuances with the other 21 states currently participating in the program. The state to hold the most recent issuance, will be the state to hold the valid driver’s licenses or ID card. To find out more information about the changes happening now, click here or visit your local NCDMV office.

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