Illinois REAL ID

Illinois REAL ID Updates

In April 19, 2019

As of recently, Illinois residents now have the opportunity to apply for their Illinois REAL ID card – a new identification card that meets strict federal security requirements. The state is not urging its residents to opt into the change immediately. They can continue using their existing state-issued identification cards to enter federal buildings or board domestic flights for the time being.

“We want people to know, if they determine they do want to apply for Real ID, they don’t have to rush…They have plenty of time. [You] can board an airplane for your domestic flight with your current license or ID card for the next year and a half.”

The article goes on to explain what residents will need should they decide to renew their identification cards to be REAL ID compliant.

“Residents who want to switch to the new IDs will need to bring along proof of identity and lawful presence, proof of Social Security number, two forms of residency documents, and proof of signature, which can be provided through a current license or ID card…The new cards will be available at all 138 driver services facilities statewide, but not at express facilities or mobile units. Information can be found online at”

To learn more about the upcoming changes for Illinois REAL ID, visit Official Travel Documents or click here.

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