Facial recognition technology

Facial Recognition Technology Coming to TPA

Facial recognition technology is making its way to Tampa International Airport, coming summer 2019. The change is part of a requirement by the federal government to start using facial recognition on all outgoing international flights. Officials spearheading the upcoming changes state “The goal is to replace passports and boarding passes with biometric technology that scans your face before getting on the plane for international travel…The change will happen at the gate. That’s where travelers will have their face scanned by an iPad-like device, which will confirm their identity before boarding the plane.” To learn more about biometric technology, click here.

This doesn’t mean passports are completely out of the picture. Travelers are still required to present their passports at check-in and through TSA security.

For more information on the upcoming changes at Tampa International Airport, click here or visit Official Travel Documents for more updates.

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