Second U.S. passport

Do I Need A Second U.S. Passport?

In order to obtain a second U.S. passport you must be eligible to apply for one of the following reasons according to Million Mile Secrets:

1. If you have a stamp from a country which will deny you entrance to another. For example, Middle Eastern countries such as Lebanon will deny entry if an Israeli stamp or visa is found in your passport.

2. If frequent international travel makes it difficult for you to send away your passport for a visa because you need it to visit another country.

3. If your job requires you to travel constantly, such as a pilot or reporter.
If your reason for applying does not fall under any of the above mentioned, unfortunately, you are not eligible to obtain a second U.S. passport.

However, if you do qualify, you will be required to provide proof of eligibility by having a statement and additional supporting documents such as a travel itinerary.

For more information on obtaining a second U.S. passport, click here or visit Official Travel Documents for more updates.

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