Kentucky Real ID updates

Kentucky Real IDs Available Soon

In June 24, 2019

While Kentucky is just one of five remaining states that is not yet compliant with Real ID, the pilot program for the new compliant IDs is rolling out June 28, 2019. Only in limited areas during the initial pilot phase, the plan is to have the program rolled out across the state this summer.

“This pilot phase will include a small number of offices so that the Department of Vehicle Regulation can monitor the process and make sure that it goes smoothly before the cards are distributed statewide. The phase will begin in Franklin County, then will continue in Woodford County and Hart County. Once the pilot period ends, the roll-out will continue county-by-county throughout the state. “

It is important to note that Real IDs are not necessary for domestic air travel until October of 2020, and Kentucky residents are encouraged to wait until their current license or identification is within six months of expiration unless there is an immediate need to make the change. This will help prevent a backlog of Real ID orders that could cause delays in processing times throughout the state.

You can read more about the upcoming changes to Kentucky with more information on the Real ID rollout here:

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