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  • Passport stamped

    Are Passports Becoming A Thing Of The Past?

    If you are an avid traveler, having your passport stamped is a great achievement. The little book of stamps is your testament of your adventures around the world. However, those stamps may one day be a thing of the past. Canada, Australia, South Korea, as well as several other...
  • Stress free travel

    Tips for Stress Free Travel

    Over packing, rigorous itineraries, jumping from hotel to hotel, stressing about transportation, and tour reservations. Does this sound familiar? Doesn’t seem very relaxing despite it supposed to be a vacation!   Luckily, we’ve got a few strategies that could help you with stress free travel. Spend more time enjoying...
  • REAL ID deadline

    REAL ID Deadline Coming

    All of this talk about a REAL ID deadline, but how does this affect you and your travel plans? There’s still time to prepare, as the official deadline is October 1, 2020, which means anyone in the US will need a REAL ID to pass through TSA security checkpoints...
  • Holiday road travel

    Tips on Holiday Road Travel

    The holidays are a wonderful time of year surrounded by family and friends. For many of us, being able to spend the holidays with friends and family requires us to travel. This may mean driving in the snow, ice, or sleet. Luckily, we’ve got a few great tips on...
  • Montana REAL ID

    Montana REAL ID Coming In January

    Beginning January of 2019, Montana residents will have the option to upgrade to federally approved ID cards. A Montana Real ID will look much like a standard driver’s license with the slight modification of a gold star in the upper right hand corner. Read the full story on Montana...
  • Rhode Island REAL ID

    Rhode Island REAL ID Updates

    Beginning early December, locals will have the option to upgrade their driver’s licenses to Rhode Island REAL ID cards to meet federal requirements.   Residents interested in obtaining REAL ID cards can inquire at their local DMV for more information. AAA members can also obtain their new ID cards...
  • Holiday travel packing tips

    Holiday Travel Packing Tips

    As enjoyable as the holiday season is, planning and packing before you settle down with your closest family and friends can feel like an uphill battle. If you’re the type who hates feeling like they’re leaving things behind, you’ll love these holiday travel packing tips that will help you keep...
  • How to keep your passport safe while traveling

    How to Keep Your Passport Safe While Traveling

    Losing your passport while traveling can easily ruin a great vacation, especially when it’s time to head home! Luckily there are steps you can take to keep your personal documents safe while you’re away. Learn more about how to keep your passport safe while traveling here.