Travel Document Safety

Below are some travel safety tips for keeping your travel documents secure, so you can return home on schedule without hassle. When traveling, whether domestically or abroad, keeping your travel documents safe and in your possession is an important concern for everyone and should be a top priority. A lost or stolen passport can mean added inconvenience and stress, as well as a possible delayed return home. It could even make it possible for someone else to impersonate you – compromising your identity in the process.

Travel document safety tips.

Keep your documents safely tucked away

If you decide to keep your travel documents and valuables on your person, there are various types of wallets, pouches or hidden bags you can purchase to keep your passport and money handy but well-hidden. Try to avoid keeping your documents and payment cards in backpacks, purses or other types of bags that are not concealed.

Don't leave them behind

Unless you have a safe where you can lock up your travel documents, it’s best not to leave any valuables behind in your room. Most hotels or places of lodging have a safe available for you to store important documents or valuables in during your stay. If you don’t feel comfortable locking your passport or credit cards in your hotel, it is best to keep them with you and well-hidden.

Make copies

It’s never a bad idea to have more than one copy of your important travel documents, in case the originals are misplaced or stolen. In the event your passport is lost or stolen, having an electronic copy you’ve scanned and emailed to yourself or a photocopy tucked in your luggage, can be a huge relief. This applies to your passport and other travel documents, as well as for credit cards or other forms of ID beneficial in case something happens to your wallet or important documents.

Have someone to contact back home

You may also wish to consider leaving copies of your travel documents with a trusted family member or friend back home as well. In the event that your luggage is lost or your travel documents have been lost or stolen, having someone at home with copies can be very convenient. A quick phone call and a copy of your documents can be emailed to you, including credit cards and other forms of ID, to help ease the stress of a lost passport.

Keep things dry

If possible, store your important travel documents and copies in plastic zipper-top storage bags. You never know when you’ll be caught in some wet weather, or an accidental spill that may get your luggage wet. That way, your documents stay nice and dry with no damage.